Yard Dominoes

This project includes two of my favorite things: yard games and upcycling. All you need are:

Plain white printer paper

One piece of thicker paper – cardstock, thin cardboard, newspaper cover, etc.

Permanent Markers


A ruler or straight edge

Something circular to trace

28 DVD cases

I recently organized all of my movies into binders so I have an abundance of DVD and blueray cases – if you haven’t read that post, go check it out! It’s a great way to make your living room feel more put together and you’ll have plenty of cases left over to make your dominoes.

Before we start, if you want a visual, I made a TikTok video that might help you follow this tutorial. You can find it here: https://vm.tiktok.com/JepUF2o/. I used DVD cases because I liked their size, but you could also use blueray cases if that’s what you have available. As long as all 28 are the same color and general size, it’ll work. First, open all of your cases and make sure they’re empty. Take out the movies, extra papers, and the plastic bit for a second disk if it has one. Then take the paper cover out of the plastic on the outside. You should be left with an empty DVD case that has a clear thin plastic cover on the outside. Set them all aside for now.

Next, set your thicker paper out. This will be used to make your template. If you don’t have thick paper, you can use white paper. I just find the thicker paper easier to use for tracing. Grab one of the paper DVD covers that fit in the plastic slip and trace it onto the thicker paper. Cut this out to use as your template. Go ahead and slip it in one of the cases just to check that the size is what you want and trim any excess off. Use this template to trace and cut out 28 sheets on your white paper.

Now you should have 28 smaller white pieces of paper that can easily fit in the plastic slip of your cases. Take a second to think about how you want your end result to look. I made mine so that when my case is closed, one side has my domino on it, and the other is plain white so they all look alike when they’re in the bone yard. I took each piece of paper and put it in the cover of a case, closed it to kind of create a bend in the paper, and then took it out so I would know how big my drawing space is. But you could also measure the width of your case and sketch a line – whichever is easier for you 😊.

Once you know where your drawing space is, use your straight edge to draw a line across the halfway point. Now you can start drawing your dominoes! Use your circular item to help make your dots and fill them in with permanent marker so if they get wet your dots won’t run. I used a pill bottle for my larger dots and a small tube of glitter for the smaller dots. You can make them whatever size (or shape) you’d like as long as they all fit how you want them to. The image of all dominoes in a double six set is here to make this part a little easier.

After you have all of your dots on your paper, put them in their cases and close them up. Now you have your yard dominoes!! This is a double 6 set of dominoes. If you want to make a double 9 you need to make 55 tiles, and for a double 12 set you need to make 91 tiles. I hope you enjoy your new set of yard dominoes! Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on more fun upcycling projects like this one 😊


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