Too Many DVDs?

If you’re like me, you have an abundance of movies on DVD and Blueray. After years of gathering my collection and lugging it around from home to home through college, I finally have a home of my own and decided I needed to reorganize. My living room seemed to be filled with piles of DVDs that were impossible to look through without making a mess … and almost as impossible to actually find the movie I was looking for.

One day, I was scrolling through TikTok (I know…. It’s a time suck but so entertaining!), and found a video about using binders to organize DVDs and eliminate the bulky cases. Of course, I forgot to save the video so if it was your video, thank you!!! But the idea stayed on my mind for a few days and the longer I looked at the literal hundreds of movies taking up so much room, I finally broke down and got some DVD binders. The ones I picked are Bellagio-Italia brand – each binder can hold about 48 movies. They’re just like those CD cases we had in the early 2000’s, but they look a little fancier on the outside.

Before putting my movies in their new binders, I organized by genre – kids movies, musicals, thrillers, action, comedy, etc. Once they were organized, I moved them over one by one. Most DVDs now-a-days have an image along with the name on the disk, but for those that didn’t, I just cut a bit of the cover and slipped it in the slot with the disk.

Now I have all of my movies organized on one shelf and eliminated the eye sore that was stacks of DVD cases in my living room! The convenience is astounding and now I can expand my collection without it feeling disorganized. But being the pack rat I am, I put all of the now empty cases directly in my craft room to use for future projects 😊 Stay tuned for some DVD case upcycling projects!


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