Organizing with Cardboard

The hardest part about organizing a space is the extra stuff with no home. Those extra buttons, travel sized bottles, small containers of glitter … those things that are big enough to take up space but not easy to keep organized. Recently, I ran into this when I was organizing my tea cabinet. I LOVE tea and I like a variety so I had about 20 opened boxes of tea. I went through and found that at least a third of those only had 4 or 5 bags left in them! So why was I keeping the boxes? Because I didn’t know what to do with stray tea bags. I didn’t have a container that would fit well in the cabinet and piling them up on the shelf seemed messy and disorganized.

I hate spending money if I don’t have to, and I’d rather upcycle or reuse things around the house if I can. So I decided to make my own boxes! I measured the width of my tea bags and the depth of my cabinet, found some thin cardboard (like the kind used for a cereal box), and cut and folded it into a box. Once it was the shape I needed, I used a patterned duct tape to hold it together. Now I have 2 boxes for tea bags and eliminated a bunch of tea boxes I didn’t need anymore.

This kind of box is simple and cheap but creates a space for lonely items while organizing your space. I’ve also made one for all of my embossing materials so they can stay together on my shelf and won’t get knocked off or lost! Organizing your space doesn’t have to be overwhelming or expansive. Little tricks like this can help keep your space in tip-top shape without breaking the bank. Good luck on your organizing projects! Comment if you have any other helpful ideas 😊 As always, subscribe so you don’t miss out on any tips and tricks 😊


2 thoughts on “Organizing with Cardboard

  1. You inspired me to cover the plain sheet of cardboard I have been using to hide the bottles of cleaners I store under my utility sink. I used contact paper and it looks so much nicer! Thanks!


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