Giant Bubbles!

This summer there are a lot of kids spending more time at home than usual, so I thought it might be helpful to share some kid friendly crafts. Kids love bubbles, but every time they get a wand in their hands there seems to be more sticky bubble solution on them than there is making bubbles. And to be honest, the bubbles are hard to blow for an adult let alone a kid! This craft is an easy, fun way to make giant bubbles that aren’t sticky.

You’ll need:

2 plastic straws


Dish soap

Gycerin (they sell this at Walmart)

A plastic bin (flat bottomed works best)

Warm water

If you have bendy straws, cut off the bendy part so you have 2 straight straws of the same length. We are going to use these as the handles to our β€œwand” so if you have a smaller child, you can make them a little smaller if needed. Next, take your yarn and figure out how big you want your wand to be. You’re going to put the yarn through the straws and make it into a rectangle like I’ve shown here, so keep in mind that it needs to be big enough to fit 2 straws and have extra before you cut your yarn. The bigger the rectangle, the bigger the bubbles!

When you have your yarn cut to the size you want, feed it through the straws. If you’re struggling with this part, sometimes it helps to twist the yarn as you feed it or wet the yarn down a little first. Once you have both straws on the yarn, tie a knot. Then position the straws so they are like handles on either side of the rectangle like I have shown here. Then set that aside so you can make your bubble solution.

Put enough water in your bin to have about an inch covering the bottom. Next, pour in some dish soap. I put about a half a cup in with 4 cups of water. Add 2 Tablespoons of glycerin and mix it gently with your hands.

Now you’re ready to play with bubbles! Put your wand in the solution, make sure all the yarn is soaked, pull it out in a rectangle and blow some bubbles! If it is windy, they might even make bubbles on their own 😊. If your solution isn’t thick enough and the bubbles seem to be breaking too fast, add a little more glycerin and dish soap to your solution.

As you can see from my pictures, these bubbles are pretty big! My dogs were fascinated and I got to go back to my childhood for a little while. The best thing about this bubble solution is it’s easy to clean up! I hope you and your kids have as much fun making giant bubbles as I did 😊 Subscribe so you don’t miss out on any fun crafting ideas!


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