Glitter Relaxation Bottle

I came upon this project when I was scrolling through Pinterest trying to find some crafts to relieve my stress. This one stood out to me right away because I’m obsessed with glitter, so I decided to give it a shot. This jar is meant to give kids something to focus on to let their minds relax. As the glitter settles, it looks fascinating and I’ll be honest, it calmed me down so I hope it works for you and your kids too!

You’ll need:

A glass jar with a water seal lid

Fine glitter

Clear or glitter glue

Warm water

A old whisk

Fill the jar about 3/4 full of warm water so you know how much you need and then pour it into a bowl you don’t mind getting glittery. I recommend one that has a pour spout on it like a measuring cup. Next, pour in your glue and mix it with a whisk. The ratio I saw most often was 80% water 20% glue. The glue is to thicken the water so if you want the glitter to fall faster, use less glue and if you want it to be a slow movement, use more. I only had regular white glue around the house, so that’s what gave mine that milky look you see. Next time, I will use clear or glitter glue so the glitter is a little more visible as it floats.

Now you’ll want to mix in your glitter. Fine glitter will add the galaxy floating effect that makes this craft so mesmerizing. I added about a tablespoon of glitter to mine, but add as much as you want! You can even add some chunky glitter in if you want. It’ll settle faster than the fine glitter, but can add to the design. Whisk your glitter into the mixture and add more if you feel you need to.

Now grab your jar and clean it out. If there’s any labels on the outside, peel them off and clean the adhesive. You’ll want the jar to be as easy to see through as possible. Once your jar is clean, give your glitter water mixture a stir and pour it in. Close up the jar, give it a good shake, and watch the glitter settle. It’s so relaxing! As I was filming to show how mine turned out, I felt the tension leaving my body. This would definitely be good to have on hand for kids and people with anxiety.

This is a friendly reminder that projects won’t always turn out β€œperfect.” Although I don’t think my glitter relaxation jar turned out how I imagined it, I am really happy with the results. If I do it again, I would use a more cylindrical jar instead of a mini champaign bottle and I would definitely get clear based glue. But that’s the great thing about crafts like this! I can always make them again and try out new techniques. Crafting is for fun not perfection 😊 As always, subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next fun project!


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