Painted Shelves

Last year, I used these shelves to replace my childhood dresser. When they were put up, I was more concerned with gaining space for all of my clothes than I was how my room looked. But over the past year, I’ve been trying to make my home more aesthetically pleasing because I realized how much calmer I feel when everything is cohesive. These raw shelves kept popping up in my mind and I knew I needed to do something to make them look like they were meant to be in this room.

The colors for my room are gold, light blue, and gray. I had some leftover light gray paint from when I painted my bathroom so I decided to keep it simple and see if just painting the boards would make them feel more fit for the space.

Once I took all of my clothes off the shelves and the shelves were down, I put the first coat of paint on the wood and leaned them up against a wall in my garage. Since the shelves were raw wood, they soaked up the paint pretty fast and needed a second coat. After the second coat dried, I put them on chairs so I could do a second coat on each edge.

Once the paint was completely dry, the shelves were ready to be put back up. I folded my clothes back up and added some of my childhood stuffed animals on the top two shelves. I think the color looks so much better and now my eye isn’t drawn to the raw wood every time I go into my bedroom. This is an example of something simple that can really make a huge change to a space! Is there any room in your home that needs a little extra love? Take today to make one small change and brighten up your space 😊 I can’t wait to see what you do! Tag me in your DIY projects on Instagram @SmileMakePeopleWonder and use the hashtag #DandelionSmiles. As always, subscribe so you don’t miss out on crafty fun!


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