Bleach Dyed Hoodie

Bleach dying clothes is a new trend I’ve been seeing everywhere, so I finally decided to try it out. I picked an old comfy hoodie that I love wearing around the house but never like wearing out because I find it too bland. I think I’ll be wearing it a lot more now 😊

What I used:


One black hoodie

Light pink fabric dye

Spray Bottle

Fabric tends to bead liquids if it isn’t damp already, so the first thing I did was get my hoodie damp to soak up the bleach a little better. Then I hung it up in my shower so I would have a safe bleaching space. I carefully mixed my bleach 1:1 with warm water and put it in the spray bottle. The hardest part was getting my spray bottle set to the type of spray I wanted, but once it was set, it was simple from there.

To get the look I was going for, I concentrated most of my sprays toward the bottom. I got close and soaked the hem of my hoodie, then as I moved up the hoodie I backed up and misted the top. Then I turned it around and did the same to the back. As it sits, it will lighten and you can see what the style will look like. I had to go back in and focus on the sleeves and hood a little bit as mine lightened. This is not a long process, so don’t walk away like you do with tie dying! Everything I read said 8-10 minutes, but I let mine sit a little longer after I did my touch ups. You’ll know when it’s how you want it to look 😊

Once my sweater looked like it was light enough, I rinsed out the bleach in the tub then did a quick wash in the tub with some laundry detergent. Once the bleach washed out and the water ran clear, I dried it in the dryer. You can see how the bleaching turned out. I loved the look but didn’t love the yellowish color that came out, so I experimented with dye.

Since I’m still trying to use all of my supplies before buying any more, I had to deal with what’s in my craft room. The only fabric dyes I had on hand were blue and light pink. I was going for a deep rust color so I decided pink was my best choice. I got my sweater damp again, filled a small bin with a layer of warm water, mixed in the dye, and then added my sweater to soak. I left it in the dye for about 45 minutes but kept stirring and flipping the sweater every 15. When it was done soaking I rinsed, washed, and dried my hoodie like before.

I’d say my hoodie turned out pretty darn close to how I wanted it! The pink helped deepen the yellow to an orange and the splatter effect is spot on! I’ve seen this done a couple of different ways with rubber bands and bleach gel but I was going for a splattered look up top and a dipped look at the bottom so I used a spray bottle. Depending on what you’re going for, check out some tie-dye styles and follow the rubber banding techniques but use bleach instead of the dye. Tag me in any DIY project on Instagram @SmileMakePeopleWonder and use the hashtag #DandelionSmiles. As always, subscribe so you don’t miss out on my next project! Have fun bleaching dyeing 😊


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