Handprint Flowers

Last week, I told you about my friend visiting with her daughter and one of the crafts we did. If you haven’t seen that post, check it out! It’s a cute dandelion walk! A couple of weeks ago, I also shared with you about my stress relieving finger-painting experience. Well, now let me tell you about another messy project that involves a toddler: Handprint Flowers.

I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest (isn’t that where I find everything?). The person doing the project painted her kid’s hand, put it carefully on the paper, and then turned it into a flower. I thought this would be an easy-peasy project…. I’m learning that no project is straightforward with small kids (I’m excited to practice more though!). I taped some plain white paper to my deck as the base. I had a huge roll of printer paper, but normal light-colored paper would work just fine.

We had gotten some (very brightly colored) non-toxic paint to use for this craft. I did my best to coat her hands in the paint and gently press them on the paper… it turned into another finger-painting project. At first, I tried really hard to get hand prints so it would look how it is “supposed” to. But when I saw how much fun she was having, I loved watching her play in the paint and smear it all over …herself as much as the paper. I did have to stop her from eating it sometimes though.

All in all, it was a cute project and I still made some flowers. They look a little more abstract than the original idea, but I think they are perfect just how they are. I even got my dogs in on it! Now I have each of their paw prints to hang up with their paintings from earlier this year 😊 As always, if you take any fun pictures or videos, tag me on Instagram @SmileMakePeopleWonder and use the hashtag #DandelionSmiles. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next exciting idea


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