Happy Hundredth!

Wow wow wow. When I started this blog last year, I just needed something to do to keep my mind off of life and what was going on in the world. I never expected to still be here 100 posts later. Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I should make a post about this or if I wanted to brush past the hundredth post and share a craft with you. After talking it out with a friend, I decided to write a quick thank-you. Thank you for giving me a reason to create when I didn’t have the energy, and thank you for giving me a space to share my feelings when they were too much to handle.

While I have you all here, I wanted to share some of my favorite posts with you! Starting with the beginning:

Bubbles! Part of me wonders if I loved this for the project or for the memories, but looking at this post made me happy, so if you like bubbles or have kids to play with check out this post:

It’s Pride month, so how can I not mention my 2 pride posts??
Bi Pride shoes:
My company’s first Pride shirt:

My favorite Christmas gift (me)… because I couldn’t go home for the holidays, I sent a little me to my favorite people.

One of my emotional moments that I have to re-read every once in a while:

And, finally, my first hoarding client! We actually finished this project about a week ago and I was looking for a way to share some before and after pictures without making a whole new post. If you want to see some of the original work, here is the first post:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey as much as I have. I can’t wait to see what crafts we come up with in the next hundred posts. I feel like this blog has showed me just how much I need creative time in my life. So thank you again for allowing me this space to share my crafts and my feelings. What was your favorite blog post so far?? 😊 I know I will! As always, if you take any fun pictures or videos, tag me on Instagram @SmileMakePeopleWonder and use the hashtag #DandelionSmiles. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next exciting idea!


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