Tub Tray

If you read Tuesday’s post, you’ll know that most of my past two weekends were taken up with tearing apart and putting down a new deck. I was expecting to take a break from crafting and catch up on sleep and reading around work this week… but Jarod had different ideas. On Monday, we both had the day off. I was expecting a relaxing day of eating leftovers, reading, and enjoying the sunny day. But halfway through the morning, Jarod looked at me and said “I’m all for a lazy day, but I don’t want to sit on the couch all day. Wanna do some of the small projects on our list?” And that’s how I have a project to tell you about today.

One of the first things we added to our list was a tray for my tub. I love taking bubble baths with wine and a book, but never have a dry place for my book (the dogs will knock it off the side) and I set my drinks on the floor or a step stool. It is doable, but not ideal. We measured the tub- width of the inside and of each of the edges- and looked out in the garage for anything we could use to make our tray. Somehow, we had the perfect sized shelf. The next step was finding a way to keep the tray from sliding. Since one of the sides is only a small bit before it hits against the wall, it isn’t as stable and could easily get bumped and fall in the tub, defeating the purpose of keeping things dry.

Jarod’s solution to this problem was to make stoppers under the tray so it couldn’t slide left (or right… but it couldn’t anyway because of the wall). We are both crafting hoarders, so we had some korbels laying around. Normally, they’re used to hold up shelves on a wall, but they were perfect for this. Having them attached to the bottom means that I would have to flip the tray up to knock it over, which isn’t probable, even with dogs sniffing around. The korbels were a bit too long, so Jarod set up a stopper on the miter saw and used it to cut both evenly.

Now it’s time to make things pretty. Like I said, we are crafting hoarders. I have a bunch of partially used spray paints in my garage. This soft lilac color would go well with my bathroom aesthetic so that’s what we used for the main tray. Unfortunately, there wasn’t quite enough to cover the whole board so lilac is just the top. I had a soft gray that was pretty full, so I used that to cover the back and sides of the board and the korbels. To add a little spice, we used these metal décor items that are meant for fan blades. We did a quick spray of the gray and placed them in the corners.

With the korbels on the bottom and the decoration on the top, it was time to place the handles. I had picked out some smaller ones at Lowes because they had more style to them, but we both decided that longer more simple handles would look better with the style of my bathroom and the tray. I wanted to use it right away! But we didn’t finish working on it until almost 11pm. We didn’t think through waiting on paint to dry … oops. A couple days later, I got to test it out and LOVE it. Bath time will be even more relaxing from now on 😊 As always, if you take any fun pictures or videos, tag me on Instagram @SmileMakePeopleWonder and use the hashtag #DandelionSmiles. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out on the next exciting idea!


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