Everyone Has a Story

I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately (mini update: I’m up to 42 for the year!! And I’ve started logging ALL my books… will do a bigger update later). Because I’ve been in BookTok and StoryGraph communities a little more, I keep adding books other people are suggesting to my β€œto read” list. ThereContinue reading “Everyone Has a Story”

Staying Motivated

So far, the hardest part about owning a business is staying motivated – especially when work isn’t consistent. With how small my company is, if I can’t work I won’t make money. On top of that, I am still building my clientele which means I don’t have a bunch of return or word of mouthContinue reading “Staying Motivated”

Purple Pickles!

I LOVE pickles and pickled things! But the problem is, it gets expensive to buy jar after jar. I was eating lunch at my favorite coffee shop and they had pickled onions on the salad. It added something extra that I wanted to put on my packed salads, but the pickle brine would work forContinue reading “Purple Pickles!”

Organizing Tip: Colored Hangers

A lot of my clients (me included) have similar struggles when it comes to downsizing -and in turn organizing. Almost every time I’m helping someone, I hear the phrase β€œwhat if I need it later?” or something similar. And I’ll admit, I do the same thing. In a world where everything is so expensive itContinue reading “Organizing Tip: Colored Hangers”

Money Tree Cuttings

Over the last few years, I’ve been getting more and more into plants. Seeing how they grow and learning more about how each one works is so amazing! It’s definitely a learning curve but the more I learn, the better I get at growing instead of killing my plants. And the more green I seeContinue reading “Money Tree Cuttings”

To Bee Continued

Today I’m taking a trip back to paper crafting. I had a little time to get in the craft room this weekend and wanted to make something useful but cute. I had a lot of things I wanted to try with materials in the garage. I had wine glasses to make into candle holders, thinContinue reading “To Bee Continued”

You are a Badass

I’m not normally one for self-help books because they usually have the β€œpull yourself up by your boot straps” mentality and forget that important things cost a lot of money. I’m all for working hard and figuring out where I can save more and spend less… but especially with prices going up for everything, itContinue reading “You are a Badass”

Trash to Treasure

This project has a bit of a backstory and may encourage pack rat tendencies (sorry in advance!). Okay, so in December, I was working in a client’s closet and realized that her clothes were so heavy they were pulling her shelves off of the wall. Luckily, Jarod is a handyman with design experience so IContinue reading “Trash to Treasure”

Upcycled Tin Cans

Today I have a pretty quick craft for you! I was scouring Etsy and Pinterest looking at things I could make for fun with things around the house. I came across an Etsy page of a woman who makes tons of designs using tin cans. Some were painted one color and had some twine, andContinue reading “Upcycled Tin Cans”

Upcycled Desk

Today’s project was supposed to be a simple flip. In mid-January, Jarod found this child’s desk on Facebook Marketplace and we thought about how to fix it up. The first idea was just to clean off the stickers and repaint it, but the desk is so small we weren’t sure how it would sell. WeContinue reading “Upcycled Desk”