No More Cotton Balls!

Today I have yet another craft I found on TikTok… I swear I do spend time off of that app. Anywho, this craft caught my eye because it reuses old materials and can save me money on cotton balls and makeup remover wipes. Every night, I use at least one cotton ball to take offContinue reading “No More Cotton Balls!”


HAPPY PRIDE MONTH, EVERYONE!!!! I had a whole post planned for today. We just finished with our first hoarder this week and I wanted to share before and after pictures with you. Just as I was sitting down to write up that post, Andi (our friend/shirt designer) messaged me with a finalized Pride shirt designContinue reading “HAPPY PRIDE!”

Girls Who Get Shit Done Club

Last year I got this shirt because it’s adorable and I wanted to rep how I feel. Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account that I hate wearing white… and normal T-shirts. I ended up only wearing it when I was lounging around the house or to bed, which wasn’t worth it. When I was goingContinue reading “Girls Who Get Shit Done Club”

Protect Your Shoes

A few weeks back, I was shopping for new work shoes and came across these beauties. I had to get them! They’re adorable AND were 50% off. I won’t be wearing these every day in a hoarder’s house, but I thought they’d be perfect for days I am doing assistant work or small organizing projects…Continue reading “Protect Your Shoes”

Travel Jacket

Last year when I visited my parents, I mentioned wanting to get a jean jacket. I had recently gotten the jean shirt I bleached and embroidered and loved how it felt, but it wasn’t quite warm enough for cool mornings. My dad is definitely a fixer, so it wasn’t surprising when he came out ofContinue reading “Travel Jacket”

Live With Love

My best friend started selling some really cute merch and is donating proceeds to a local charity. (Here’s the link if you’re interested: ) Being the amazing friend I am, I had to buy at least one thing. Jk… I just really liked the logo and needed a red beanie in my life! Well, theContinue reading “Live With Love”

Laundry Stripping

I saw this technique on TikTok a while ago (I know… I see everything on tiktok). The first video I saw was a mom using laundry stripping to clean her kid’s sports clothes. The point of laundry stripping is to get the extra gunk out of fabrics that our laundry machines can’t always get. SoContinue reading “Laundry Stripping”

Sunglasses Display

This past weekend, I was hanging out with a crafty friend and we both decided we needed to do a craft. I usually scour Pinterest for an idea that inspires me, and he enjoys doing projects that are useful… so we looked around my house and decided I needed to find a better way ofContinue reading “Sunglasses Display”

Spooky Embroidery

If you saw Tuesday’s post, you’ll recognize this shirt. In Tuesday’s post, I resized a jean shirt so it would fit me for an overshirt instead of making me look like a kid in her dad’s shirt. If you are into sewing, you should check it out! Today’s post is mostly about embroidery which isContinue reading “Spooky Embroidery”