Handprint Flowers

Last week, I told you about my friend visiting with her daughter and one of the crafts we did. If you haven’t seen that post, check it out! It’s a cute dandelion walk! A couple of weeks ago, I also shared with you about my stress relieving finger-painting experience. Well, now let me tell youContinue reading “Handprint Flowers”

Dandelion Walk

Today’s craft is Mother’s Day inspired. I found it randomly while searching Pinterest and thought it was SO cute, but I don’t have a kid and I’m not around any here in NC. When I found out my friend Liz was coming down with her baby, I knew they’d love it! I mean, who comesContinue reading “Dandelion Walk”

Crayon Paintbrush

Today’s project was born out of stress. It’s been a while since I’ve felt the need to create something to let out frustration and stress… lately most of my projects have been brought out of love and need for creation. I’m going to blame it on yoga focusing my mind, but this week I neededContinue reading “Crayon Paintbrush”

Snowman Snowflake

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was cut up paper…. Honestly, that’s still one of my favorite activities. If you have a childhood anything like mine, you remember making a bunch of paper snowflakes out of scrap paper all around the house. My parents probably hated it, but I always triedContinue reading “Snowman Snowflake”

Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is next week!! For as long as this year has felt, it’s gone by so fast. And the only thing that makes a strange year less crappy is a craft 😊 This one is kid friendly and would make for super cute gifts! I used: Popsicle sticksAcrylic paint (orangeContinue reading “Popsicle Stick Scarecrow”

Coffee Filter Turkeys

If you saw my post about coffee filter butterflies, you already know how to do most of this craft. And if you haven’t, you should really go check it out! These would be super simple to do together 😊 I used: Coffee filtersClothes pinsGoogly eyesRed and yellow paperHot glue gunWhite glueWater soluble markersWater in aContinue reading “Coffee Filter Turkeys”


I was chatting with one of my best friends and she sent me a picture of this adorable sign she made for her daughter’s upcoming birthday. Apparently she made for her son last year and I LOVED them both so much I had to share them with you. She said she was inspired by anContinue reading “ONE”

Painted Butterfly

I saw this really cool technique on TikTok and had to try it myself. Her video was a lot more satisfying and turned out way better than mine did, but it was still fun to try. I think with more practice, it’ll be exactly how I pictured it! I used: 11”x14” canvas 1 thick pieceContinue reading “Painted Butterfly”

Overnight Crystals

With everything that is going on this year, it looks like a lot of kids will be learning at home in the fall. I fully believe in making school fun, so here is a science craft you can try. If you want to teach and understand the science behind this craft, check out this blog:Continue reading “Overnight Crystals”