Trash to Treasure

This project has a bit of a backstory and may encourage pack rat tendencies (sorry in advance!). Okay, so in December, I was working in a client’s closet and realized that her clothes were so heavy they were pulling her shelves off of the wall. Luckily, Jarod is a handyman with design experience so IContinue reading “Trash to Treasure”

Feng Shui Me

Lately I’ve been doing everything I can to change the energy around me. I’ve been purposeful about who I talk to and when, making sure I take breaks from work and clients, and overall just trying to be more intentional about my actions. The last couple of weeks, I’ve hit a rut. My energy isContinue reading “Feng Shui Me”

New Deck!!

WOW do I have a big project for you! I was meaning to do a lot more small crafts over the last couple of weeks but I got a little distracted. Between the weather and schedules lining up, Jarod and I decided to start a project that we’ve been wanting to do for a while:Continue reading “New Deck!!”

Linen Closet

A couple of weeks ago, I had a client who needed help with her closets. She is a caretaker for her mother and works full time, so things got out of hand and she didn’t have time to take out of her day to pull everything apart and start from scratch. This was her linenContinue reading “Linen Closet”

Sunglasses Display

This past weekend, I was hanging out with a crafty friend and we both decided we needed to do a craft. I usually scour Pinterest for an idea that inspires me, and he enjoys doing projects that are useful… so we looked around my house and decided I needed to find a better way ofContinue reading “Sunglasses Display”

Dog Steps

A few weeks ago, my dog hurt his leg. I thought he’d heal up super fast and be able to go back to normal, jumping up on the bed and cuddling on the couch. Unfortunately, life had different ideas. It’s now been almost a month since Rollo has been able to cuddle with me inContinue reading “Dog Steps”

Bathroom Closet Organization

I’m super proud of this post because I can finally tell you all my happy news: I’m now offering my services as a Professional Organizer! I went through my bathroom closet this weekend and figured it would be the perfect post to show you a small version of what I’m offering. But before I showContinue reading “Bathroom Closet Organization”

Under Sink Organization

I’ve said this before, but an organized space is key to a healthy mind. Even a small change in a room can give it a whole new feel! A little while back, my best friend Emma sent me an organization project she did under her sink. It seems so simple, but even a cupboard likeContinue reading “Under Sink Organization”

Painted Shelves

Last year, I used these shelves to replace my childhood dresser. When they were put up, I was more concerned with gaining space for all of my clothes than I was how my room looked. But over the past year, I’ve been trying to make my home more aesthetically pleasing because I realized how muchContinue reading “Painted Shelves”