Happy Christmas!

Wow! Today is really Christmas 2020.. I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t sure we’d make it here. With the way 2020 has gone, I’ve been expecting a weird time loop or parallel universe to pop out of nowhere. I don’t have a craft for the day, I just wanted to drop in and say howContinue reading “Happy Christmas!”

Snowman Snowflake

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was cut up paper…. Honestly, that’s still one of my favorite activities. If you have a childhood anything like mine, you remember making a bunch of paper snowflakes out of scrap paper all around the house. My parents probably hated it, but I always triedContinue reading “Snowman Snowflake”

“Kiss”mass Tree

Today I have to share a craft my dad did. He’s always doing so many cool projects in his woodshop using his CNC. Every year for the holidays, he makes something different. My favorite in the past was always his wooden wreaths… probably because I got to help him paint a couple. This year, heContinue reading ““Kiss”mass Tree”

“Me” Ornaments

This was probably my favorite holiday craft! Because of covid, I don’t think I’ll be able to go home for the holidays. This means I won’t get to see my family… or my best friend Emma. I remind her all the time that I’m the best gift I could give her haha. Just kidding, butContinue reading ““Me” Ornaments”

Pinecone Christmas Tree

This is another ornament/decoration piece I made last year for a white elephant gift exchange, so I don’t have any progress pictures. But it was such a fun, cute, cheap craft that I had to share it with you this year! I used:A pine coneWhite vinegarTowelsClear spray paintAcrylic paintGold beadingPaint brushLarge bowl or small bucketHotContinue reading “Pinecone Christmas Tree”

Jar Lid Ornament

It’s finally December which means it’s the month of holiday fun! I actually made this craft last year for a white elephant gift exchange, so I don’t have process pictures. Hopefully my explanations make sense without the pictures! I used:The lid from a glass jar (I think this was from a pasta sauce jar)Acrylic paintContinue reading “Jar Lid Ornament”