Staying Motivated

So far, the hardest part about owning a business is staying motivated – especially when work isn’t consistent. With how small my company is, if I can’t work I won’t make money. On top of that, I am still building my clientele which means I don’t have a bunch of return or word of mouthContinue reading “Staying Motivated”

You are a Badass

I’m not normally one for self-help books because they usually have the β€œpull yourself up by your boot straps” mentality and forget that important things cost a lot of money. I’m all for working hard and figuring out where I can save more and spend less… but especially with prices going up for everything, itContinue reading “You are a Badass”

Read With Me

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been what you might consider a bookworm. Usually, I’d read three or so books at a time for different moods or if I got tired of one and needed a refresher. When we would go on road trips or vacations, I remember really struggling to figure outContinue reading “Read With Me”