HAPPY PRIDE MONTH, EVERYONE!!!! I had a whole post planned for today. We just finished with our first hoarder this week and I wanted to share before and after pictures with you. Just as I was sitting down to write up that post, Andi (our friend/shirt designer) messaged me with a finalized Pride shirt designContinue reading “HAPPY PRIDE!”

Protect Your Shoes

A few weeks back, I was shopping for new work shoes and came across these beauties. I had to get them! They’re adorable AND were 50% off. I won’t be wearing these every day in a hoarder’s house, but I thought they’d be perfect for days I am doing assistant work or small organizing projects…Continue reading “Protect Your Shoes”

Sunglasses Display

This past weekend, I was hanging out with a crafty friend and we both decided we needed to do a craft. I usually scour Pinterest for an idea that inspires me, and he enjoys doing projects that are useful… so we looked around my house and decided I needed to find a better way ofContinue reading “Sunglasses Display”

Add a Little Color to Your Sole

This project was brought on so organically that I’m pretty sure it’s my favorite of the month. I was modeling and we were doing street shots where I β€œkicked” the camera so that the bottom of my shoe came into focus. The shoes I was wearing were kind of boring on the bottom so itContinue reading “Add a Little Color to Your Sole”

Bleach Dyed Hoodie

Bleach dying clothes is a new trend I’ve been seeing everywhere, so I finally decided to try it out. I picked an old comfy hoodie that I love wearing around the house but never like wearing out because I find it too bland. I think I’ll be wearing it a lot more now 😊 WhatContinue reading “Bleach Dyed Hoodie”