How Do You Feel?

I was looking up some journal prompts to get my mind going and I came across this question. It was quickly followed by β€œWhat is your most recurrent feeling?” At first, I thought these were lame questions not worth the time to get out my journal or start writing on here. But the more IContinue reading “How Do You Feel?”


Before I post any more Valentine’s Day themed crafts, I want to acknowledge how hard this holiday can be sometimes. With everything that’s gone on this year, I’ve seen a lot of relationships crumble and a lot of single people struggle dating during the pandemic. Ironically, a holiday built around love can make people feelContinue reading “Self-Love”

Scrapbook Journal

The other evening, I was in a crafty mood but didn’t know what to make. I had seen a tiktok earlier in the day of a woman scrapbook journaling and it popped in my mind. I tend to do what I like to call β€œclean” crafts where I know what the outcome will kind ofContinue reading “Scrapbook Journal”