Handprint Flowers

Last week, I told you about my friend visiting with her daughter and one of the crafts we did. If you haven’t seen that post, check it out! It’s a cute dandelion walk! A couple of weeks ago, I also shared with you about my stress relieving finger-painting experience. Well, now let me tell youContinue reading “Handprint Flowers”

Dandelion Walk

Today’s craft is Mother’s Day inspired. I found it randomly while searching Pinterest and thought it was SO cute, but I don’t have a kid and I’m not around any here in NC. When I found out my friend Liz was coming down with her baby, I knew they’d love it! I mean, who comesContinue reading “Dandelion Walk”

Overnight Crystals

With everything that is going on this year, it looks like a lot of kids will be learning at home in the fall. I fully believe in making school fun, so here is a science craft you can try. If you want to teach and understand the science behind this craft, check out this blog:Continue reading “Overnight Crystals”

Coffee Filter Butterfly

A lot of my friends have young kids so I’ve been trying to gather some kid friendly crafts. This is one I remember doing at camps and in Girl Scouts. It’s simple and fun but can be spiced up a bit if you want to play around. I used: Coffee filters (2 per butterfly) PipeContinue reading “Coffee Filter Butterfly”