Upcycled Tin Cans

Today I have a pretty quick craft for you! I was scouring Etsy and Pinterest looking at things I could make for fun with things around the house. I came across an Etsy page of a woman who makes tons of designs using tin cans. Some were painted one color and had some twine, andContinue reading “Upcycled Tin Cans”

Feng Shui Update

First off, if you haven’t read my original Feng Shui post called β€œFeng Shui Me”, you should go check it out before coming back to this. I will admit, I haven’t read either of the books I got yet. I wanted to go through and do a huge decluttering before I dove in the details.Continue reading “Feng Shui Update”

Hoarding Tendencies

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about organizing. As most of you probably know, I’ve been working as a professional organizer since August and officially got my LLC in January. It started out with a lot of small jobs. Sometimes organizing a closet or helping someone unpack after a move, and other times helpingContinue reading “Hoarding Tendencies”

Picture Frame Markerboard

Do you have a cubicle that needs a little bit of a personal touch? Or are you working from home and need a cute way to keep your tasks organized? This is the perfect easy DIY for you! What I used: Cheap, but cute, frame from Walmart Scrapbooking paper Scissors Wet erase markers Glass cleanerContinue reading “Picture Frame Markerboard”

Bathroom Closet Organization

I’m super proud of this post because I can finally tell you all my happy news: I’m now offering my services as a Professional Organizer! I went through my bathroom closet this weekend and figured it would be the perfect post to show you a small version of what I’m offering. But before I showContinue reading “Bathroom Closet Organization”

Under Sink Organization

I’ve said this before, but an organized space is key to a healthy mind. Even a small change in a room can give it a whole new feel! A little while back, my best friend Emma sent me an organization project she did under her sink. It seems so simple, but even a cupboard likeContinue reading “Under Sink Organization”

Clean Up Your Space

This is a hard post to write but I feel like it needs to be talked about. Like most creative types, I find it really easy to make a mess while creating and then don’t have the energy to clean up after. Between the stress of everything going on in 2020, anxiety, and depression, thisContinue reading “Clean Up Your Space”

Too Many DVDs?

If you’re like me, you have an abundance of movies on DVD and Blueray. After years of gathering my collection and lugging it around from home to home through college, I finally have a home of my own and decided I needed to reorganize. My living room seemed to be filled with piles of DVDsContinue reading “Too Many DVDs?”