To Bee Continued

Today I’m taking a trip back to paper crafting. I had a little time to get in the craft room this weekend and wanted to make something useful but cute. I had a lot of things I wanted to try with materials in the garage. I had wine glasses to make into candle holders, thinContinue reading “To Bee Continued”

Partner Patches

I’m SO excited for this week’s project. My friend Abbie helped me come up with the idea. We were out shopping at Lowes and saw a couple of guys wearing green cargo pants and polo shirts that had badges on them. I joked about the uniform being attractive and wanting to find a reason toContinue reading “Partner Patches”

DIY Notebook

When I was younger, I went through a string of making my own notebooks. This was also back in the time when we would get β€œcute” notebooks and pencils with quarters in the school hallways. Our β€œcool” factor was based on how many notebooks we had and which styles. I’m pretty sure I had hundredsContinue reading “DIY Notebook”

Paper Hearts

When I was deciding the project to make for today, I had to reach out to my dad. I was having one of those overwhelming moments where I wanted to create…but couldn’t find anything inspiring. Luckily, my dad is crafty so I could reach out to ask him for some ideas. He brought up thatContinue reading “Paper Hearts”

Recycled Paper

I’ve been seeing people make recycled paper with flowers and seeds in it. They’re so beautiful, I imagined making a journal out of them just to write quotes or happy things that have happened to me. I remembered when I was little and my dad made me these frames for me to be able toContinue reading “Recycled Paper”

Snowman Snowflake

One of my favorite things to do as a kid was cut up paper…. Honestly, that’s still one of my favorite activities. If you have a childhood anything like mine, you remember making a bunch of paper snowflakes out of scrap paper all around the house. My parents probably hated it, but I always triedContinue reading “Snowman Snowflake”