Save The Bees… and Your Puzzle

I’m SO excited to share this project only because it’s taken me forever to put together. I love puzzles and my sunroom is a perfect place to put one together while looking out on the back yard. Sometime last year during quarantine, I bought 2 new puzzles to work on. I love bees, so bothContinue reading “Save The Bees… and Your Puzzle”

Crayon Paintbrush

Today’s project was born out of stress. It’s been a while since I’ve felt the need to create something to let out frustration and stress… lately most of my projects have been brought out of love and need for creation. I’m going to blame it on yoga focusing my mind, but this week I neededContinue reading “Crayon Paintbrush”

Pinecone Christmas Tree

This is another ornament/decoration piece I made last year for a white elephant gift exchange, so I don’t have any progress pictures. But it was such a fun, cute, cheap craft that I had to share it with you this year! I used:A pine coneWhite vinegarTowelsClear spray paintAcrylic paintGold beadingPaint brushLarge bowl or small bucketHotContinue reading “Pinecone Christmas Tree”

Toilet Paper Coasters

I saw a video on Pinterest that had some really cool upcycling projects using toilet paper rolls. Naturally, I had to try at least one. It didn’t turn out how the video did, so I ended up doing it a little differently but it still works! What I used Toilet paper rolls Ruler Scissors ModContinue reading “Toilet Paper Coasters”

Organizing with Cardboard

The hardest part about organizing a space is the extra stuff with no home. Those extra buttons, travel sized bottles, small containers of glitter … those things that are big enough to take up space but not easy to keep organized. Recently, I ran into this when I was organizing my tea cabinet. I LOVEContinue reading “Organizing with Cardboard”

Too Many DVDs?

If you’re like me, you have an abundance of movies on DVD and Blueray. After years of gathering my collection and lugging it around from home to home through college, I finally have a home of my own and decided I needed to reorganize. My living room seemed to be filled with piles of DVDsContinue reading “Too Many DVDs?”

Yard Dominoes

This project includes two of my favorite things: yard games and upcycling. All you need are: Plain white printer paper One piece of thicker paper – cardstock, thin cardboard, newspaper cover, etc. Permanent Markers Scissors A ruler or straight edge Something circular to trace 28 DVD cases I recently organized all of my movies intoContinue reading “Yard Dominoes”