Beekeepers Quilt

Well everyone, this week got away from me. Normally, I have a bunch of crafts to work on or make sure I try something new so I have something interesting to write about… which is good because sometimes I need extra help pushing myself to take time to myself in my craft room. During theContinue reading “Beekeepers Quilt”

Positivity Jar

Lately I’ve been feeling the need to focus on positive things going on in my life. Sometimes it can be hard to see the good when the bad is so loud, but the more you focus on something the more of it you’ll see. That being said, my resolution is to write down things thatContinue reading “Positivity Jar”

Fire Starters

Happy New Year!!! There’s nothing like celebrating the new year with a nice warm fire. If you’re in the colder areas of the world, inside is always comfy… but if you live somewhere a little warmer like me, it is the perfect time to grab a blanket and sit outside around a campfire. One ofContinue reading “Fire Starters”

Recycled Paper

I’ve been seeing people make recycled paper with flowers and seeds in it. They’re so beautiful, I imagined making a journal out of them just to write quotes or happy things that have happened to me. I remembered when I was little and my dad made me these frames for me to be able toContinue reading “Recycled Paper”

Jar Lid Ornament

It’s finally December which means it’s the month of holiday fun! I actually made this craft last year for a white elephant gift exchange, so I don’t have process pictures. Hopefully my explanations make sense without the pictures! I used:The lid from a glass jar (I think this was from a pasta sauce jar)Acrylic paintContinue reading “Jar Lid Ornament”

Scarecrow Jar

It’s time for another fall craft! This was a fairly quick craft that brightened up my table and added a little fun to my dΓ©cor. I used: A glass jarAcrylic paintButtonsPaint brushFake strawPlastic sunflowerBurlapHot glue gun To start, I painted my jar brown. It took about 2 layers to fully cover the glass. Once thatContinue reading “Scarecrow Jar”

Upcycled Burlap Sign

I have a habit of seeing the β€œpotential” in what most people consider trash… and then taking it home only to have it sit in my craft room forever. Because of my goal to not buy craft supplies this year, this habit has gotten a lot worse. So I am now trying to only keepContinue reading “Upcycled Burlap Sign”

Picture Frame Markerboard

Do you have a cubicle that needs a little bit of a personal touch? Or are you working from home and need a cute way to keep your tasks organized? This is the perfect easy DIY for you! What I used: Cheap, but cute, frame from Walmart Scrapbooking paper Scissors Wet erase markers Glass cleanerContinue reading “Picture Frame Markerboard”

Bleach Dyed Hoodie

Bleach dying clothes is a new trend I’ve been seeing everywhere, so I finally decided to try it out. I picked an old comfy hoodie that I love wearing around the house but never like wearing out because I find it too bland. I think I’ll be wearing it a lot more now 😊 WhatContinue reading “Bleach Dyed Hoodie”